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Experienced Pharmacist.

You speak directly with our experienced and licensed Pharmacist who has 40 years experience monitoring patient profiles which is different than consulting with a pharmacy technician. Our primary focus is to reduce your risk of drug interactions. 

Thanks to our loyal customers we have been proudly serving the Santa Monica and surrounding Los Angeles communities for 27 years and counting.  We grow our loyal customer base through your personal recommendations and reviews so if can spare a minute, thanks in advance for submitting your review on YelpHere’s what other Parkside Pharmacy customers are saying:

      • This pharmacy has taken care of my patients for over twenty years. Norm is an exceptionally knowledgeable professional who takes great pride in his work. He understands how insurance works, and understands how patients need to be monitored. His staff is always friendly, and Norm will try his best to save you money. This pharmacy combines the best of modern medicine with old fashion care and quality. – Mary Jo F.
      • Excellent customer service and great staff  – Arsineh P.
      • It’s the classic David and Goliath story of the the little guy beating the big guy with Parkside Pharmacy right across the street from RiteAid. lol. I WILL NEVER set foot in a RiteAid or CVS Pharmacy when Parkside Pharmacy has the same prices, takes my insurance, and delivers to my house for free. Most importantly, Norm is the pharmacist who has 40+ years experience and a wealth of knowledge. The chain stores put a 25 year old kid right out of pharmacy school behind the counter in an ‘official white coat’ to answer questions based on what experience? Scary! – Josh L.
      • So convenient and nice people too.  The wait was not long and they have great little gifts and snacks! – Lori C.
      • This is one of the few owner-operated pharmacies left.  Norm, the pharmacist, has a wealth of knowledge, and is available to answer your questions.  Customer service is superb, and they even offer delivery. They remember their customers and develop a caring relationship with them. It’s rare to find this kind of experience in this big-chain world! – Shannon C.
      • Parkside Pharmacy is the BEST!  I have been doing business with Norm for over 20 years.  He is a kind & knowledgeable pharmacist.  He makes sure that he takes care of his customers with a smile and the belief that your business matters to him personally.  NOTHING like a chain pharmacy.  THANK GOODNESS!  – M C.